Liberal Education Leaders Support Mission During SpeedNetworking teamed up with a governing organization of Liberal Education to produce an exciting Speed Networking event during their annual meeting. The purpose of the annual meeting is to further the mission of the organization through education, increasing public awareness, networking and developing a greater understanding of the impact of liberal education. 

Over 70 leaders from around the country attended the event. Throughout the day, attendees participated in various breakout sessions until the final session of the day (Speed Networking), which brought all attendees together for the first time since arriving to the meeting. The goal of the speed networking event was to facilitate new connections amongst attendees and to enable like minded individuals to discuss challenges, explore opportunities, and come together to further the mission of the organization by developing new professional contacts.

Our team ( worked with the client to create a custom list of matching categories in which participants indicated their areas of expertise, as well as their interest levels in meeting fellow attendees who represented the areas of expertise. Furthermore, we enabled participants to indicate which attendees they already knew, which excluded them from their possible list of connections. The focus of this event was on NEW connections and we took all the necessary steps to ensure participants connected with relevant, new contacts.

The result was a 60-minute networking session that included 6 rounds of networking for 8-minutes each. Over 500 new connections were created during this session, which plays an enormously critical role on furthering the mission of the organization. If only 20% of participants follow-up with their new connections, over 100 follow-up meetings will take place because of this event. The feedback from our client, as well as the participants was overwhelmingly positive and they looked forward to continued discussions with their new contacts.

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