5 Reasons To Incorporate Speed Networking At Your Event In 2015

2015 is here and New Year’s resolutions are in full force for event professionals (we still haven’t made it to the gym yet. Maybe in 2016…). We wanted to offer up a new years resolution to reinvigorate your networking events, spice things up for attendees and ultimately provide more value. Incorporate speed networking at an event! Here are 5 reasons why.

Growing Popularity - It is “one of the fastest growing forms of structured networking in the world” (Fox News) and it is a great change of pace from traditional networking events. Thousands of professional organizations are incorporating speed networking into their events. Just Google it.

Maximizes Time - Professionals are incredibly busy and we live in a world where maximizing time is critical, which is why our targeted speed networking events are so effective for our clients. We structure our events to ensure attendees meet as many of the right contacts as possible in a given time period. We cut out time wasters and get down to business. 

Targeted - Imagine hosting a networking event of 100 people and having the ability to sort through every participant and determine the 10 best people for each person to meet. We make that happen. Our customized matching software allows participants to pre-select the types of individuals they would like to meet, which ensures they connect with relevant, meaningful contacts. This truly adds value to your event and boosts the return on investment. 

Measurable Results - We provide quantifiable results through our scoring system, which measures each meeting based on quality of connection. It takes the guess-work out of running an event and allows you to track the success of your event. You can see how an event will unfold before it even happens. 

Change is Good - Traditional networking events tend to get old. Attendees show up, have a few drinks, talk with old friends, meets a few new folks, and walk away without really making great connections. Speed networking is a great way to change things up and give attendees something new to look forward to. 

Still not convinced? Call us today we will share how our clients have increased attendance numbers and retention rates at their networking events!