5 Reasons To Kick Off Your Conference With Speed Networking

It is no mystery that networking is often listed as the number one reason that professionals attend conferences. You are likely reading this article because you value networking at your events but you may be looking for a better way to connect your attendees. If you are like a lot of organizations, you may host cocktail mixers, roundtable discussions or even use an event app to try and facilitate connections. Question is, are these avenues actually producing effective connections or are they merely a trendy solution? SpeedNetworking.com has created the most effective program to significantly enhance the networking opportunities and we've put together 5 Reasons To Kick-Off Your Conference With Speed Networking:

Ultimate Ice Breaker - Our events are a great way to break the ice at the beginning of a conference and get people talking. It allows attendees to make connections at the beginning of the conference and then continue to network with these new connections throughout the conference. Best of all, it provides a comfortable conversation setting for introverts, extroverts and everyone in between.

Targeted – Our proprietary matching software allows participants to pre-select the types of people they are interested in meeting, which is based on customized matching parameters created by you. This ensures participants are making new connections  based on mutual networking objectives. Meet the right people!

Quantifiable – Looking to calculate your ROI? Our events allow you to quantify the number of connections made, as well as the quality of each connection that is made. You no longer have to wonder if your cocktail mixer is generating new connections, you can SEE the results of the event immediately.

Clients & Participants Love It – Our clients rest easy knowing that they are providing an effective solution to enhance the networking at their conference and the participants at the event leave happy, energized and excited to tackle the rest of the conference. See what our clients are saying here – Testimonials.

Simplicity - A SpeedNetworking.com event is incredibly simple to implement into your conference and our dedicate team of event planners works with you throughout the entire process of planning and producing the event. We take the administrative burden of planning a networking event off of your plate and ensure your event is a huge success!

Isn't it time for something better, smarter, and easier for you AND your attendees? Let SpeedNetworking.com take your conference networking to the next level and give your participants a reason to keep coming back year-after-year.