Event Sponsors & SpeedNetworking.com – Added Value & Revenue

When planning an event, is there anything you hate more than budgets? In a perfect world, budgets wouldn’t exist and you could include anything and everything that you wanted at your event (iPads for everyone, unlimited food/drink, performances by the Rolling Stones, and my personal favorite, complimentary massages!). Unfortunately, budgets force you to be strategic in your planning and they also force you to cut certain aspects of your events that you would otherwise include. The hard part, is figuring out what to keep and what to table for future events. You have to explore needs vs. wants and then determine which of the wants a) you afford with your budget and b) fit the overall objectives of your event and provide the most value to your attendees.

Networking is often listed as the primary reason for attending events but finding meaningful ways to connect your attendees can be quite challenging and particularly costly. Between cocktail receptions, event apps, and other techniques, the costs can rack up rather quickly, which is why networking ends up taking a back seat to other agendas for your event.

What if we told you there was a way to host a targeted networking event that a) incorporates matching software to maximize the quality of connections b) costs significantly less than most traditional networking events and c) is a dream for obtaining sponsors! Sounds pretty nice, right?

The SpeedNetworking.com program is built to enhance the networking connections for your attendees and provide unique sponsorship opportunities as well. The opportunity to make 20 hand-selected connections over the course of 60-90 minutes is something that most companies dream of. Heck, some people may spend an entire week at a conference and not make that many new connections! Sponsors want to sit down with the right people and see a positive return on their investment. This is the core of what we offer and our ability to create customized matches, provides another level of revenue generation for you.

Check out our ROI page to learn more or contact our team to learn if a sponsored speed networking session is right for your next event!