In A Digital World - How To Facilitate Face-to-Face Connections

Networking events are becoming virtual playgrounds that are driven by digital technology and the ability to connect everyone with the touch of a finger. The challenge with a digitized world is being able to effectively connect your audience in a face-to-face environment. In-person networking remains the backbone of developing business relationships and if you can effectively produce and facilitate these relationships, the value of your conference will skyrocket and attendance numbers will grow along with it.

We experienced a slight shift away from face-to-face meetings with the implementation of digital connection services but the curve is shifting back. Event attendees want to connect with one another more than ever but in the high-paced arenas that we serve, they want to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. While digital connections are here to stay and will evolve, face-to-face events are gaining significant momentum as well.

Speed networking is one of the fastest growing forms of networking in the world and offers up a suite of solutions to meet the hosts networking objectives. Event planners are learning to identify objectives, such as peer-to-peer, mentoring, buyer/sell and other types of events, which helps target specific audiences and set the right expectations for networking events. Furthermore, leveraging technology with speed networking allows event planners to collect critical data about participants and ensure better results.

Speed networking is an effective way to connect individuals, maximize time & space, collect data and bolster the value of attending your events. If you are interested in exploring creative ways to implement speed networking into your events, please contact us at Our free consultation will paint a detailed picture on how to plan and carry out a speed networking event, collect critical data, measure the results and celebrate the success (cocktails encouraged!)