Networking Events - Connect Your Attendees On Purpose

Think about your conference/trade-show/expo and the vast array of individuals that attend your event and think about all the ideas, knowledge and opportunities waiting to happen! It’s pretty exciting to think that your event could produce the next greatest invention or company; but what are you doing to facilitate these connections?

Our staff members attend conferences all over the world and 90% of the people that we meet are purely by accident. The conferences do very little in the way of facilitating introductions to our peers and to exhibitors. Sure, they have a cocktail mixer at night, a small area set aside for networking during the day and even incorporate an event app. Here is the problem: we end up talking to our team and/or other people we already know at the cocktail mixers, the networking area is always awkward (as most networking events are) and the event app is never geared towards networking; unless you’d like us to look up hundreds or thousands of people while at the event and hope to schedule a meeting with someone. Who wants to do that? If this sounds like a familar experience for your attendees, it might be time to reevalue what your networking programs.

Fortunately, our program was born directly from our own experiences at events and from feedback we received from fellow event planners. The program gives you the power to connect your attendees face-to-face in a fun, non-threatening, targeted environment. It simplifies the networking for attendees and compliments the programs that you already have in place. 

If you're looking for a new way to engage your attendees and create meaningful new business relationships at your events, it is time to give a call!