Mentoring Events & Attendee Retention

Mentoring programs are a great way to match experienced individuals with those who are seeking guidance/knowledge/wisdom/education from a mentor. The popularity of these programs is growing rapidly amongst industry conferences and serves as an additional opportunity for attendee networking. The ability to provide great educational content at your event, combined with the ability to connect your event attendees with individuals that will continue to deliver great educational content, is a recipe to keep your attendees coming back year-after-year.

If you’re like a lot of our partners, you may have invested time/money into online resources that enable your members to connect with one another. Unfortunately, the adoption rate of these resources is rather low and the ability to produce meaningful business relationships online is even harder. One of the driving forces behind attending conferences, aside from the content/education, is the ability to develop business contacts. This is particularly true for those who are new to the industry or those who are looking for insight from seasoned professionals.

Hundreds of organizations are incorporating Mentoring Events into their conference as an additional value to attendees. It is a fun, stress-free way to connect like-minded professionals and enable them to create new contacts while attending the event. Check out the Health Care Compliance Association & Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics marketing page for their mentoring events. 

The Speed Networking event enables participants to connect one-on-one in a structured, fast-paced environment. It allows attendees to maximize their time together and if you incorporate a matching software like, it ensures participants connect with targeted matches based on personal interests. The hosting organization can customize the matching parameters to ensure the highest quality matches. It's a win-win for everyone and a number of our partners have stated that the speed mentoring/networking program at their conference is one of the key driving forces behind attendee retention.  

What are you doing to connect your attendees face-to-face?