Corporate Internal Networking Provides Long Term Value

Internal team building/networking is becoming increasingly important for companies. The ability to connect employees cross-departmentally and create new synergies enables companies to excel in a variety of ways. We partner with a number of corporations to host targeted speed networking events that connect employees for a variety of objectives (team building, networking, mentoring, etc.) and we have highlighted a few key components of their events.

Benefits of Networking to the Organization

The ability to connect employees within your organization has both short-term and long-term effects and impacts the employees, as well as the organization. Companies who invest in internal networking sustain a higher rate of retention, as people feel more connected to those around them. Internal networking also enables employees to have internal resources to streamline processes/questions, which leads to increased productivity and output. We often find that employees find mentors during internal team building events and seasoned professionals have a sense of service, as they give back to mentors as well. This leads to increased job satisfaction in the short term and long term.

You’re Not Alone

Event planners/companies often times think they are alone when it comes to producing targeted internal speed networking events. Fortunately, you're not alone! We partner with organizations like Nielsen, Adventist Healthcare, Pepsico, Siemens, Ultimate Software, Multicare, Discover Card, and others to produce internal team building events that effectively connect employees. The value of connecting employees across functions is becoming increasingly important as companies continue to grow.

Measurable Program

One of the best parts about our Speed Networking program is having the ability to measure the results. We provide scoring metrics and ask participants how many people they will follow-up with after the event. You can also connect with employees 3 months, 6 months and a year later to see if they are still talking with their new connections and how much their internal network has expanded beyond the initial connecting (meaning, if I met Hanna and introduced Hanna to 3 new people, you would have gained 4 new connections from 1 initial meeting).

Keynote Speaker vs. Networking

What is the long-term value of bringing in a speaker? We often times ask what organizations are looking to achieve by bringing in a speaker and how they plan to measure the results of bringing in someone to speak to employees. Will this provide the long-term benefits you're looking for or will the "speaker inspiration" wear off after a few days? We believe their is a great deal of value in having a speaker for certain situations but we simply ask you to think about your goals and determine what will bring the greatest value to your employees.

There is no wrong way to connect your employees but if you’re looking to learn from our experiences and explore if speed networking is right for you, give us a call. Our corporate networking events consultants are happy to share best practices and bounce ideas around to ensure your next event accomplishes your goals. or (888) 582-2970