Face-to-Face Networking In a Digital World

Events are becoming virtual playgrounds that are driven by digital technology and the ability to connect everyone with the touch of a finger. Attendees have access to a wealth of information and tools when they attend events, which provides new opportunities and challenges for attendees and event planners. One of the biggest challenges with a digitized world is maintaining the ability to effectively connect attendees face-to-face. In-person networking remains the backbone of developing business relationships and if you can effectively produce and facilitate these relationships, the value of your conference will skyrocket and attendance numbers will grow along with it.

We experienced a slight shift away from face-to-face meetings with the implementation of digital connection services (LinkedIn, event apps, etc.) but the curve is shifting back. If you think about your LinkedIn connections, how many people would you feel comfortable reaching out to tomorrow and asking a favor? Digital connections are important but lasting business relationships traditionally develop after in-person conversations. Event attendees want to connect with one another more than ever but in the high-paced arenas that we serve, they want to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. The ability to combine the traditional values of face-to-face conversations with the added benefits of data/technology to connect individuals is a win/win for everyone.

There are a number of different options when it comes to facilitating connections (apps, round tables, speed networking, etc.) and it is important to choose a structure that fits your goals. Events are becoming more targeted with specific objectives, such as peer-to-peer networking, mentoring, buyer/seller events and others to create more meaningful connections. Furthermore, leveraging technology allows event planners to collect critical data about participants and ensure better matching outcomes. The simple idea of hosting a networking cocktail mixer may not be cutting it anymore, as attendees want their networking experience maximized and that may involve more than top-shelf liquor. 

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