A Simple Event Solution To Connect Buyers & Sellers

In the world of conferences, trade shows and expos, there is a constant battle to effectively connect buyers and sellers. Let me rephrase, there is a constant battle to effectively connect the RIGHT buyers and sellers. This is a challenge that a number of our partners face and is something we hear quite often while talking with event planners. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution and there may never be one, as the needs of buyers/sellers can vary so drastically from event-to-event.

What if there was a program that was marketable to both buyers and sellers that produced qualified, targeted matches, it didn’t involve buyer bombardment (sellers/suppliers constantly sending meeting requests to buyers) and had ample opportunity for sponsorship revenue built into it. Would this be worth exploring?

We have developed a uniquely effective, structured buyer/seller program that focuses on 3 key areas:

Buyer Control: Our matching technology enables buyers to indicate (or filter) the types of suppliers they would like to meet based on specific categories. This simplifies the process for buyers, rather than looking through hundreds of suppliers to determine who is relevant.

Mutually Beneficial: The suppliers are paired with qualified buyers, who have indicated an interest in their specific product or service. This is also true for buyers, as they are meeting with suppliers that match their meeting preferences.

Simple Structure: Rather than using an app or other program to try and schedule meetings throughout the conference(which can be a tedious, time consuming process), our program focuses on a simple, structured session. We want to maximize the time for both parties by providing introductions to quality contacts. The entire registration process for participants takes 4-5 minutes and they don’t have to do anything else but show up and make great connections!

Is it time to change the way you are connecting buyers/sellers at your conference? We are happy to share how we have partnered with a variety of prominent organizations to enhance the networking at their events while simplifying life for their attendees, as well as themselves. 

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