35,000,000 Speed Networking Results - You're Not Alone!

If you Google "speed networking" you will receive nearly 35 million results. THIRTY-FIVE MILLION!! Think you're alone when it comes to producing a speed networking event? You're not! Speed networking continues to be one of the fastest growing forms of networking in the world and for good reason. There is a time and a place for all different types of networking events but if your organization hasn't considered speed networking before, it might be time to reconsider.

Here are 4 key benefits of Speed Networking for attendees, as well as event hosts:

  1. Structured: This event offers a structured platform to maximize attendee time while networking. Participants have a set # of minutes that they meet for each round and then it's off to the next meeting. No more awkward introductions or conversation enders. Round times typically vary between 5-8 minutes and the number of rounds of meetings is typically between 5-12, depending on the event objective.
  2. New Contacts: The focus of speed networking is to introduce attendees to new contacts. All too often we see people come to a networking event and spend half the time with the people they came with or spend 30-minutes talking to one new contact. Networking should be about making new connections and expanding your professional network, not reconnecting with everyone you know. There is a time and a place for follow-up and reconnecting but networking events aren't typically one of them.
  3. Measurable: We love to measure results, as I'm sure you do too! If you're putting time, money and effort into something, you'd like to be able to quantify your return on investment. This is incredibly difficult to do with traditional networking events but speed networking enables you to quantify a variety of metrics (i.e. - # of new connections, # of follow-up connections, # quality of connections, etc.). This is a distinct advantage that enables event planners to track the networking at their events.
  4. Targeted: Standard networking events don't typically offer a way to provide targeted connections but if you incorporate a matching software like SpeedNetworking.com, it enables you to take your events to a whole new level. It's the most efficient and effective way to host a face-to-face networking event. Maximize time with structure and maximize the quality of new connections but incorporating a matching software that enables participants to pre-select the types of people they are interested in meeting. It's the ultimate networking one-two punch! 

Considering hosting your own speed networking event? Let us help! We work with a variety of organizations from Fortune 10 Companies (yes, that's 10, not 100), to universities, to local chambers of commerce. Our program is customizable based on your event objectives and audience to ensure your attendees make the best possible connections! 

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