Case Study: Trade Association Networking Event

We produce a variety of events around the world for varying organizations (Fortune 100 Companies, Trade Associations, Alumni Groups, Business Networking Groups, etc.) and each event has a unique set of objectives and matching parameters. We put together a case study from a recent conference, which was produced by an international trade association.  

The Challenge: The client wanted to incorporate a structured networking program based on feedback from attendees, who indicated that they wanted better networking opportunities. This posed a challenge to the client, given the limited staff resources and background in producing structured networking programs. The client wanted to enable attendees to determine the types of people they were interested in meeting during the session to ensure they connected with relevant, targeted new connections. They also wanted a way to track the results of their networking objectives to provide analytics in future marketing campaigns (quality of connections, follow-up meetings, etc.).

The Solution: After analyzing the clients goals, objectives, audience, and challenges, we created a peer-to-peer program for attendees. Our software enabled attendees to pre-select the types of people they were interested in meeting, based on their areas of expertise (the client provided the areas of expertise for matching). The matching software created a custom schedule of meetings for each attendee based on their individual meeting preferences. Our team traveled to produce the event on-site, which enabled the client to focus on other objectives and know that their attendees would have a fantastic experience. 

The Event: 

  • 90-Minute scheduled session
  • 8 Rounds of Networking
  • 7 Minute Meetings (we recommend 6-8 minutes for peer-to-peer events)
  • 111 Participants + 8 Rounds of Networking = 888 New Connections
  • Average Quality of Connection Score: 92% (determined by algorithm from participant input)

Participant Feedback:

  • 97% of participants indicated that they would attend another speed networking event
  • 93% of participants stated that their meetings were "Outstanding" or "Good"
  • 81% of participants stated that they would follow-up with more than half of their new connections
  • 359 follow-up meetings will be scheduled from this session alone

In the fast-paced world of events, our program enables attendees to focus entirely on networking/making new connections in a structured, targeted session. As an event host, you have the ability to track important metrics and quantify the results of your networking session to determine the ROI. 

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