Speed Networking: Sponsor Approved

We previously published a newsletter highlighting the benefits of Speed Networking for sponsors and the ROI that they receive. To back up our claims, we wanted to share with you some feedback we received from a recent sponsor who participated in our Speed Networking event at the Northeast HR Association Annual Conference;

“Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this. It was a productive morning. Things flowed easily, format of 7 min rounds seemed just enough. Everyone seemed really engaged and was prepared with business cards. The time together went really quick! I personally had two really solid insurance broker leads so that was great... Overall, I give the program and participants an A+” - Laurie J

This is just one of many sponsor testimonials we have received. As our Speed Networking program continues to evolve and grow both nationally and internationally, the word is getting out that having a sponsor for the event not only helps offset some of the costs, but allows both participants and sponsors the opportunity to accomplish their business objectives together.