SpeedNetworking.com Partners with #1 Liberal Arts School in America

SpeedNetworking.com (Speed Networking Solutions, LLC) recently worked with US News’ #1 ranked Liberal Arts School, Williams College for a student and alumni mentoring event. The Speed Networking event was in coordination with the Williams Black Alumni Network (WBAN), which hosts the annual Bolin Legacy Weekend.

The Bolin Legacy Weekend celebration brings alumni back to campus from around the country. While on campus, they can meet and network with fellow alumni, students, and faculty. With alumni attending from across the country, it was imperative that WBAN offered high-level and effective ways for their attendees to maximize their time.

They chose to work with SpeedNetworking.com to enhance the quality of connections through their matching software and to rely on their 10+ years of event management experience to help guide them through the process of planning and producing a successful event.  Together, Williams College and SpeedNetworking.com put together an effective program that enabled alumni to connect with current students based on areas of expertise and topic areas of interests.

The event was originally scheduled to have 100 participants but due to huge popularity & demand, the event grew to 200+ registered participants, with over 100 students and 100 alumni registering to partake in the event.  WBAN relied on SpeedNetworking.com to create updated floor plans and provide logistical/operational guidance to maximize the space provided, as well as provide peace of mind.

SpeedNetworking.com also worked with WBAN to provide facilitation training and other on-site materials for the event (table #’s, 1 page handouts, etc.), which enabled the WBAN to produce a highly successful event. “Our team works with every client to ensure we fully prepare them to host their event. We provide training materials and walk through a variety of phone calls to cover every aspect of the event” – Nate Jones / VP of Operations at SpeedNetworking.com

The event resulted in 1,200, targeted meetings between current students and alumni over the course of 60-minutes. Students were paired with alumni mentors based on their areas of expertise and varying topic areas of interest. This ensured that students met with alumni that aligned with their professional goals and interests.