A New Way To Engage Your Sponsors

Event planners are always looking for new, unique and cost-effective ways to engage sponsors at their events. Sponsorship packages continue to change as new technological applications are introduced to events but ultimately sponsors want to see a return on their investment. How a sponsor measures ROI can vary from one sponsoring organization to the next. Traditionally, it boils down to 2 primary forms of measurement: Exposure and the opportunity to connect with qualified prospects. 

The SpeedNetworking.com program offers a variety of unique ways for sponsors to gain exposure AND connect one-on-one with potential leads. 

Force Matches – Our program enables sponsors to hand-select individual meetings that they would like to have with registered participants. Typically, we provide the event registration list to the sponsor (excluding contact information) and enable them to pre-select the individuals that they would like to meet. Pending the size of the event, you may have multiple sponsors take advantage of this or have multiple representatives from a single sponsor. For example, if an event has 10 rounds of networking, a sponsor would be able to hand select 10-matches.

Website Logos – We can customize the Speed Networking registration page to include logos and additional information about a sponsor.

Schedule Logo – All participants receive a schedule of meetings upon arrival to the Speed Networking event. This is another area to include a sponsor logo for additional exposure.

Email Communication Logo – We communicate with all participants leading up to the Speed Networking event in a variety of ways. All participants receive a confirmation email and often receive additional communication regarding the event. This is a great opportunity for additional branding for a sponsor by including a logo or other information in these communications.

Event Signage – Many clients will allow sponsors to include signage at the Speed Networking event. This may include a banner in the room or pens/handouts placed at each table.

Speaking Intro – We kick off every Speed Networking event with announcements and instructions. This is a great opportunity for the sponsor to speak briefly to the audience and present information about their organization.

Connect with us today and see how the SpeedNetworking program can work for your events!

events@speednetworking.com or (844) 303-8118