Event Tech: How SpeedNetworking.com’s Software is Changing Networking for the Better


Networking is often listed as the number one reason to attend a conference or event. It is one of the best ways to connect people who have a common goal, shared interests, or opportunities that align with the skills and experience of attendees. However, the ever-popular mix and mingle events are not always the best way to bring the right people together – and that’s where event technology comes in.

Speed Networking is changing the way we network. With an advanced matching software program, attendees are empowered in ways like never before. Here is how the software is changing networking for the better.

Targeted Connections

Speed Networking uses a unique algorithm that allows event planners to create a targeted networking session with individualized schedules for each attendee through surveys participants fill out before the event. This survey also allows participants to pre-select the types of people they are interested in meeting and ensures every person meets with individuals who can provide them value. Rather than having attendees stand in a room full of people they know nothing about, this technology sets up targeted meetings to ensure each person is connecting with the right professionals to help further their objectives or boost their business.

Trackable Results

With Speed Networking’s event technology, event planners are able to track the quality of connections, the demographics of their participants, and the matching requests from participants. Data like this gives event hosts the peace of mind that their event will be a success before it even starts. It also helps them learn more about their audience and plan for the future accordingly. They know what types of people are attending their event, who those people want to meet, and whether or not participants are able to be paired accordingly. In an industry that normally requires a lot of guesswork, Speed Networking uses data to create high-impact networking events that are guaranteed to be a success.

Less Administrative Time

Event technology is significantly reducing the amount of administrative time it takes to run a successful networking session, thus freeing up time for event professionals to focus on other areas of planning for a conference or event. With less time needed to organize a networking session, more time can be spent finding speakers, reaching out to potential sponsors, and promoting the event to increase attendance.

As with most technological advancements, SpeedNetworking.com’s technology is improving the way we connect with the world around us. It’s making life easier for event planners and improving networking experiences for event attendees. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo or email us at events@speednetworking.com.