• Targeted Connections
  • Customized Web-based Registration Page

  • Ability to Import Participants

  • Customizable Matching Parameters

  • Quality Controls & Metrics

  • Trackable Results

  • Email Auto-Responders

Networking continues to be one of the top reasons for attending events! Technology has played a tremendous role in the evolution of networking, as well as how we connect with one another. In the fast-paced world of events, providing your audience with an effective solution to facilitate meaningful networking connections is as important as ever. Harvard Business Review Analytics Services reports that "95% of people said that face-to-face meetings are a key factor in successfully building and maintaining long-term relationships." Are you effectively connecting your audience?

Speed Networking Solutions' customizable web-based matchmaking software, which is supported by proprietary matchmaking algorithms, allows event organizers to create a targeted and structured networking event. The matching software allows participating individuals to pre-select the types of people they are interested in meeting, which is based on customized matching parameters put together by the event host.

At the event, participants receive a customized schedule of meetings which is based on their individual preferences. The customized schedule includes relevant information about each individual that participants are scheduled to meet with at the event. The information that is displayed on the schedules is also determined by the event host. 

In addition, the event planner has several tools at their disposal to customize certain matches to ensure additional quality controls.