Alumni Association

The Challenge: The events put on the by the alumni association had become stale. The attendance numbers for major events were decreasing, new member engagement was down, and networking became stagnant. They needed to reignite the value of the association and effectively connect their members based on individual interests & criteria. 

The Solution: After analyzing the clients goals, objectives, audience, and challenges, we created a peer-to-peer program that enabled attendees to pre-select the types of people they were interested in meeting based on industry. This enabled participants to connect with like-minded peers who had a mutual interest in one another's industry. The spark of a new event with a matching component drove registration  numbers through the roof!

The Results

  • 135 Participants + 10 Rounds of Networking = 444 New Connections
  • Average Quality of Connection Score: 92%
  • 97% of Participants Would Attend Another Speed Networking Event
  • 93% of Participants Stated That Their Meetings Were "Outstanding" or "good"
  • 81% of Participants Stated That They Would Follow-up With More Than Half of Their New Connections
  • 359 Follow-up Meetings Will Take Place From This Event