Manufacturing Industry Association

The Challenge: The client hosts a 2 day buyer-seller event that allows suppliers to meet with buyers. The client was using excel to try and hand-match over 110 participants. The administrative time spent putting the event together was far beyond their acceptable expectations and the quality of meetings was left to question. They need a solution that simplified the registration process, significantly reduced the administrative time and allowed them to manipulate the schedules, as well as track quality scores.

The Solution: After analyzing the clients goals, objectives, participants, and challenges, we created a custom buyer-seller program that enabled suppliers, as well as buyers to indicate their interests in meeting with companies attending the event. Our solution enabled both parties to dictate their matching requests and we created a customized 2-day schedule that led participants through 19 rounds of meetings. 

The Results

  • 110 Participants + 19 Rounds = 2,090 Meetings
  • Average Quality of Connection Score: 91%
  • Significant Reduction in Administrative Time (Weeks of Work Became A Few Hours of Work)
  • Simplified Registration Process for Participants
  • Client Controlled Matches & Sponsor Requests
  • New Source of Revenue Generation