1.     How is SpeedNetworking.com different than traditional speed networking?

Traditional speed networking events are built to ensure that individuals meet as many people as possible in a given period of time. However, there is tremendous amount of “chance” that goes into a standard speed networking event.  For instance, if you meet 20 people in a room full of 100 possible connections, you could potentially meet 20 irrelevant contacts and miss out on meeting the RIGHT people.  SpeedNetworking.com gives event planners the ability to run a TARGETED networking event that is contingent upon the preferences for each participant.  Our proprietary software sorts through the database of participants and schedules meetings between individuals that have a common interest in meeting one another, which is based on a brief survey filled out prior to the event.  We substantially increase the odds of meeting the RIGHT connections.

2.     Why is SpeedNetworking.com effective?

Speed networking is the ultimate icebreaker. In the initial meeting, each person provides a quick overview to describe themselves and their business. It is a great way for strangers to meet with almost no pressure or stress. The model of speed networking allows people to meet and chat in a structured environment for a scheduled amount of time.

3.     How many rounds are typical at a SpeedNetworking.com event & how long does it last?

Event times vary but a typical speed networking session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Within that time frame, participants can be expected to meet 8 or more potential business contacts. Being in contact with so many people can exponentially expand their current network well beyond the 10 or more people they meet at an event. Even if they do not have similar business or social interests, participants at the event are able to connect with their friends, colleagues or clientele and vice versa. At that point, the circle can grow to infinite levels and degrees.

4.     What’s the average time per meeting?

The scheduled time for each meeting is contingent upon the type of event and the specific objectives for participants. Typically, rounds are approximately 5 minutes.  This is a sufficient amount of time to make an initial connection and quickly determine if there is a possible synergy.

5.     How does SpeedNetworking.com’s software make a difference?

Not only does our software help you create all the targeted pairings, but the software also gives our event hosts the ability to customize the event in a number of ways. We work with our clients to help maximize the connections among people and we have a great deal of flexibility when creating matches for participants. We take the “guess work” out of networking events and ensure the right people are connecting.

6.     How does SpeedNetworking.com help my organization manage a networking event?

SpeedNetworking.com has an incredible passion for assisting our clients through the entire process of hosting a networking event, from conception to post event surveys.  We pioneered the speed networking movement and have been helping clients enhance the effectiveness of their events for more than ten years. We take our expertise as event planners and networking gurus to deliver efficiency in planning and implementing events to provide the highest quality event possible for the client and participants. We are happy to share any information or knowledge that we have in order to maximize your event.

7.     Do I need to be technically savvy to understand the software?

Not at all.  We provide hands on training and are here to assist you every step of the way.  Our user-friendly software is easy to navigate and was built with our clients in mind.

8.     What is the minimum # of participants needed for an effective SpeedNetworking.com event?

We typically recommend a minimum participation of 50 people for our services to make sense. 

9.     How long has SpeedNetworking.com been around and what makes them so different?

We’ve been managing events for over ten years.  As the pioneers in speed networking events, we have hosted nearly 1,000 events around the world and have worked with all types of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, alumni associations, trade associations, chambers of commerce and numerous others. We have assisted in the creation and management of a variety of events and speed networking programs.

10.  What types of events does SpeedNetworking.com usually host?

We have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creating an event but General Networking, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Cross Selling, Mentoring, Buyer/Vendor & Career Management are very common.

11.  What’s the difference between speed dating and speed networking?

Speed networking is modeled after speed dating but is focused purely on matching professionals to expand their business networks.  Similar concept, different results.

12.  How does it cost?

Speednetworking.com charges a flat fee per participant plus a setup fee.  The cost per participant is discounted based on number of participants/events the organization utilizes SpeedNetworking.com for in a given period of time. The more total participants an organization puts through SpeedNetworking.com’s software, the greater the discount for the organization. 

We also have an on-site facilitation fee if you would like our team to be on-site to manage the event. To find out more specifics regarding pricing or to price out an upcoming event please call your speednetworking.com associate at (888) 582-2970 or email us at sales@speednetworking.com

13.  How do we get started?

Simply email us at sales@speednetworking.com or call us at (888) 582-2970 and discover why clients turn to us for event-after-event!