Event Management Organization

The Challenge: The hosts one of the largest travel conferences in the world with a tremendous focus on networking to connect suppliers with buyers. They needed a supplement for their current networking programs that enticed buyers to attend and matched participants based on multiple criteria. Logistically, they needed to create custom schedules that enabled them to use booth space, as well as a specified networking area. We also needed to ensure certain individuals did not meet, based on previously schedule meetings.

The Solution: After analyzing the clients goals, objectives, audience, and challenges, we created a custom buyer-seller program that enabled buyers and sellers to select the types of people they were interested in meeting, based on geographic location and business specialities. Registration was a simplified process for participants and the client spent minimal administrative time producing the event. We created custom schedules that guided participants through 15 qualified meetings. 

The Results

  • 120 Participants + 15 Rounds = 1,800 Meetings
  • Average Quality of Connection Score: 85% 
  • Significant Reduction in Administrative Time for Client
  • Custom Schedules To Maximize Participant Flow
  • Qualified Opportunities for Suppliers 
  • Client Controlled Matches & Sponsor Requests