Georgetown University

The Challenge: A number of our university partners experience similar challenges when it comes to connecting students with alumni. Common challenges include a) being able to effectively market events to students/alumni b) connect students with relevant alumni (based on majors/areas of interest) and c) ensuring students continue to build upon the new relationships they've created.

The Solution: After analyzing the Georgetown's goals, objectives, audience, and challenges, we created a customized mentoring program. The program enabled students to pre-select the types of alumni they were interested in meeting based on custom matching parameters that reflected Georgetown's academic focus areas. The alumni indicated their professional areas of focus/expertise based on the same set of parameters. Our software took this information and matched students with relevant alumni who met their specific areas of interest, which led to better conversations and more meaningful relationships. 

We also worked with Georgetown to effectively market the event, with a focus on minimizing no-shows (which is another common problem for our education partners). The event was oversubscribed with 200+ individuals registering and the no-show rate was less than 5%!

The Results

  • 180 Participants + 8 Rounds of Networking = 1,440 New Connections
  • Average Quality of Connection Score: 92% 
  • 100% of Participants Would Attend Another Speed Networking Event
  • 95% of Participants Stated That Their Meetings Were "Outstanding" or "Good"
  • 79% of Participants Stated That They Would Follow-up With More Than Half of Their New Connections
  • 568 Follow-up Meetings Will Take Place From This Event