The Ultimate  Virtual, In-Person, & Hybrid Community Engagement
Solution provides a customizable and engaging virtual platform allowing communities to thrive.

The Most Innovative, Customizable & Powerful Community Engagement Solution


Speed Networking takes the traditional value of 1:1 face-to-face networking and combines it with our advanced matchmaking technology and predictive analytics to commence smart and meaningful relationships

Seamless Experience

LIVE Interactive Networking

Smart Score Matching

Private 1:1 Virtual Meeting Rooms

Targeted Connections

Targeted connections utilizes our matchmaking technology to provide a customized list of targeted people for each attendee to engage with. It's networking on their own time, in their own way.

Powerful Network Builder

Smart Score Matching

Engage Anytime

Variety of Communication Outlets

Captivating Community Programs

Regardless of your organization type our community engagement programs elevate networking programs 

Associations, Conferences & Trade Shows

Colleges & Universities

Media & Event Marketing


Popular Programs

  • Alumni Engagement

  • Buyer / Seller

  • Client / User Conference

  • Co-Living Community

  • Cross Collaboration

  • Dating Solution

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Friendship Pairing

  • Mentoring

  • Member Engagement

  • Niche Event

  • Student Engagement

  • Staff collaboration

  • Team Building



Thoughtful Technology

Developer Team

Customizable & Predictive Matchmaking 

Insightful Analytics &


Innovative technology for the purpose of effective matching, user friendliness, and insight

  • Create Your Own Matchmaking Rules

  • Quality Control Measures

  • Predict the Outcome of Matches 

  • Real Time Matching Metrics

  • Improve Connection Performance

  • Maximize ROI

  • U.S. Based Developers

  • Event Organizer Contributors

  • No App To Download

Event Organizers Statements

Don't take our word for it, real clients and real feedback

“The NATM Convention is in its’ 29th year. To keep up with the needs of our members, which are trailer manufacturers and suppliers, we offer opportunities for networking and business improvement. This year, we offered “Speed Networking” at our annual Convention in Las Vegas, and the response was outstanding. Trailer Manufacturers were able to meet briefly with up to eight suppliers (of their choosing) within an hour, in one location. The event allowed both manufacturers and suppliers the chance to connect briefly and set up future meetings if necessary. Speed Networking is a time saver and a great communication tool for our members.”


— Pam O'Toole Trusdale / Executive Director / NATM

Participants Statements

Our Inspiration is motivated by satisfied client users

"You have no idea how much I wanted to
hate this, but I loved it!!"​

You're Not Alone

Our success is illustrated  through repeat service by some of the most trusted name brands.

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