Our Why



of employees work remotely at least part of the day.- Great Business School Survey

of meeting attendees stated that they prefer smaller, face to face meetings.
-Forbes Magazine survey


of people say that face-to-face meetings are a key factor in successfully building and maintaining long-term business relationships. 
- Harvard Business Reviews survey


of people say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business meetings and conferences.
 - Hubspot Survey

Our People

Our team consists of dedicated professionals that put our client's objectives first.  Our solutions are created by experienced engagement event planners and programmed by experienced developers and algorithm specialist who understand, appreciate and built their own success based on networking.  



At SpeedNetworking.com we have crazy passion for connecting the right two people together.  We're on a mission to make networking more strategic, structured, effective, and fun...for everyone.   ​Having built our first customizable match making algorithm back in 2012 we have continuous built upon our impactful solutions and most recently released our latest virtual Speed Networking & Targeted Connections solutions taking the process of connecting to an entirely new level.


Founder and President Michael Slater has dedicated his career to connecting professionals. This prompted him to start SpeedNetworking.com in 2012 and he never looked back. He has traveled around the world to produce speed networking events for a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 Companies, top universities & colleges, major trade associations, and international networking organizations. 


To date, SpeedNetworking.com has created more than 500,000+ face-to-face connections and worked with clients from all around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.   The team at SpeedNetworking.com all share the same passion and dedication to helping people meet their engagement and connection needs.


We noticed a significant void in the event planning community in respect to significant reduction in participation of networking and engagement within a community.  Many engagement programs fail due to a variety of reasons and as a result lead to disconnect from participants with the sponsoring organization.  Our mission is to create and enhance a platform that incorporates traditional face to face experiences while leveraging advancements in technology and communication tools to ensure that all participants have a positive experience that allows them to connect with the right people at the right time.   

Our Game Changer

Event Organizer's Challenges

Participants Response

  • Insufficient Planning

  • Antiquated Tools and Resources

  • Time Consuming

  • Lack of Inspiring Marketing

  • Misunderstanding Participants Needs

  • Awkward

  • Not Fun

  • Waste of Time

  • Excluded

  • Dormant Connections

  • Ready, Willing and Engaged

  • Targeted Event Programs

  • Ensures Everyone Participates

  • Thoughtful Planning and Execution


Face to face meetings are critical to ones personal and professional development.  Identifying and initiating new meaningful relationships should not be uncomfortable, awkward, challenging, waste of time, etc.  People often aren't excited because they are often be introduced to individuals who can't help fulfill their purpose.  


Engaging in new and meaningful connections should be exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.    We believe in combining smart technology with traditional face to face experiences.  

"The value of face-to-face networking is being recognized as one of the most powerful tools available for increasing one’s personal exposure, creating meaningful relationships and providing growth opportunities at a personal and professional level. It’s so important that it has become a daunting task for many people who are unsure who they should be connecting with or where they should focus their attention."
Entrepreneur Magazine