1. Incomplete Registration When a participant doesn’t fully complete their event registration profile they are identified as incomplete. Incomplete profiles will not be admitted into the mix of scheduling meetings. They way to resolve is to complete a profile. will notify all incomplete profiled participants and provide them a chance to complete their registration.

  2. Why is Check In Required The downside of the Virtual world is that so many commits early and then don’t participate! We don’t want you to go through the effort and get stood up by your partners. Check In ensures people who are willing ready and able to connect virtually are ready to participate. Check In opens up based on your organizers request, but often upto 24 hours prior to the event.

  3. You Didn’t Check In Check in is a critical step and required in order to be included in the schedule of meetings. Participants that do not “Check In” will not receive any meetings. The reason this is so important is that in the Virtual meetings world many people register and do not show up to their event. This solution helps us significantly minimize the issues of being stood up by a partner. Your event landing page will indicate when check in closes. Most cases you have up to 5 minutes before the event to check in and check in often begins 24 hours prior to the event, but it’s important to confirm per your organizer’s check in deadline.

  4. You’re Going to Be Late You can still participate if you are going to be late. However, make sure you “Check In” and inform the organizer that you might be late.

  5. No Partner Despite best efforts by the event organizer and to ensure participants partake in the event, there are occasions in which a participant checks in, but runs into an issue in which they can’t attend at the last minute. Unfortunately, we cannot control this. This is a good time to send that partner a message and schedule a future time to connect or take a short break and return back for the next meeting.

  6. I know my partner There are occasions in which you may be partnered with someone you know. unfortunately, our systems cannot always predict who you may already know. In such circumstances we suggest the following: Continue with the round and speak specifically about an industry topic Take a break for the round and return once it’s over For future events, ask your event organizer if they can request not to be matched with specific people attending.

  7. Can I change my schedule of meetings? Unfortunately, not, once the meeting schedule is created, we are unable to reassign you to a different partner. As you might be able to imagine, all schedules are created and recreating a schedule of meetings would alter everyone’s schedules. If you are not satisfied with your schedule, we encourage you to consider that in networking it’s not just about the person you are directly meeting but also about them helping you brand your organization and spread the word. You never know who someone knows!

  8. Can I schedule a Follow Up Meeting? Absolutely! There are several ways to consider scheduling a follow up meeting. Use – At the conclusion of the even you can see your partners profile and schedule a follow up meeting using our private camera system. You can coordinate between you and your partners and send them a traditional calendar invite from your own calendar.

  9. Can I use this system to conduct another video meeting with someone I enjoyed meeting? Absolutely! When your event is over you can coordinate with your partner and utilize the video component directly from your partner’s profile.

  10. How do I see a list of people I met? From your home page, select “My Connections” to see all the people you met, where you met them and what you thought of them plus any notes you wrote about them.

  11. Browser Issue Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have been known to cause some issues. Please try a different browse

  12. Audio / Video Issue Audio / Video - Twilio Audio / Video Testing

SpeedNetworking’s video platform is a component of Twilio (a publicly traded company that specializes in audio/video technology). Please utilize their test to feature to help troubleshoot:

Troubleshooting tips for macOS -Make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera, such as Photo Booth and Facetime, are closed.

-Restart your computer.

-If the camera still does not work in after restarting, check if the camera works in a Mac app, such as Photo Booth or Facetime.

-If it does not work in any application, contact Apple support.

Troubleshooting tips for Windows

Make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera are not using the camera or are closed.

Restart your computer.

Visit your device's support and downloads page to update the camera driver:

Troubleshooting tips for Android devices


-A message may appear “ would like to access the microphone and camera”. Select “Allow”

-Still not working: Check if any other applications are already using the camera.

Swipe right to close any applications that are using the camera.

Check that has permissions for the camera.

Open the device Settings.

Tap Applications.

Tap Application Manager.


If it does not list access to take pictures and videos, uninstall and reinstall the app by reviewing the step above.

To uninstall: Open your device Settings.


Tap Application Manager.


Tap Uninstall.

Confirm Uninstall.


A message may appear “ would like to access the microphone and camera”. Select “Allow”

Troubleshoot Iphone


A message may appear “ would like to access the microphone and camera”. Select “Allow”

-Uninstall the app on your phone

Open safari and go to and proceed to download the application and allow the site to access microphone and camera

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