Networking isn't effective if the right people aren't meeting. And handing out business cards in a crowded convention center is hardly enough to make meaningful connections or build business relationships. Traditionally, cocktail mixers and coffee breaks were the norm for "great networking opportunities." However, times have changed as these traditional events are not often producing meaningful, mutually beneficial connections. 

What’s at stake?  Not offering quality networking events can lead to lower attendee retention, dissatisfied attendees, loss of sponsorship dollars and allowing your competition to acquire your attendees. offers you a variety of strategic, smart, minimal administrative and meaningful networking events to offer your attendees.  Furthermore, by offering clients a variety of event networking programming we can identify an option that meets a variety of budgets.


Below is a closer look at our solutions, and if you don’t see one that fits your needs, give us a call. We have many ways of tweaking to help meet your budget!

Event types:


NETWORKING takes the traditional value of 1:1 face-to-face networking and combines it with our advanced matchmaking technology and predictive analytics to commence smart and meaningful relationships

Ideal for: Peer-to-peer, knowledge sharing, team building, mentoring, buyer/seller, and more...


Targeted networking, without a dedicated session. Targeted connections provide a customized list of people for each attendee to reach out to while on site. It's networking on their own time, in their own way.

Ideal for: Large conferences & events, matching recommendations for all attendees, etc.  



Strategic networking for group settings. Our targeted round table program can create strategic seating assignments at the touch of a button. We're here to help you work smarter, not harder. 

Ideal for: Luncheons, dinners, team building activities, and traditional round table networking...

Proprietary predictive matchmaking technology & experienced event professionals:

At, we're on a mission to make networking more strategic, structured, effective, and fun. With our technology, attendees are able to pre-select the types of people they’re interested in meeting based on a short survey they fill out when registering. Our software takes those survey responses and uses an advanced algorithm to pair people together based on mutual interests. 

When attendees arrive at the event, they receive a customized schedule of meetings based on their individual preferences. The personalized schedule includes relevant information about each individual that participants are scheduled to meet with as well as starter questions to help kick off the conversations.

With more than 30+ years in the event planning industry, you can rest easy knowing we'll do everything we can to ensure your event is a success.


Customizable matching categories and registration management:


  • Personalize meaningful matching categories

  • Divide unique groups (buyer/sellers, mentor-mentees, etc.)

  • Customize registration to obtain relevant information

Quality controls & metrics: 


  • Analyze survey metrics to understand the needs and networking objectives of attendees

  • Identify and resolve inadequate matching parameters

  • View and edit all matches before distribution

Advanced algorithm to ensure the highest quality of connections:


  • Connect attendees with like-minded interests

  • Flexible solution to allow for customized matching

  • Scores each match to ensure quality connections

Customer service: is comprised of experienced event planners who specialize in structured networking programs.  These individuals take great pride in assisting clients to develop, produce and manage all aspects of a fantastic speed networking program.   The dedicated event specialist will assist you and your team throughout the entire event and support your attendees with questions and registration.


Below is a sample of what you can expect:

Event Consultation


  • Determine the best event matchmaking program 

  • Guide you through category creation and survey set up

Marketing Management

  • Assistance with event marketing strategy

  • Auto-reminders for attendees

  • Choose from a list of marketing templates for a variety of marketing channels

Logistics Management

  • Determines the best room set up

  • Guidance with on-site event logistics

  • Facilitation Training

Client Testimonials

“The NATM Convention is in its’ 29th year. To keep up with the needs of our members, which are trailer manufacturers and suppliers, we offer opportunities for networking and business improvement. This year, we offered “Speed Networking” at our annual Convention in Las Vegas, and the response was outstanding. Trailer Manufacturers were able to meet briefly with up to eight suppliers (of their choosing) within an hour, in one location. The event allowed both manufacturers and suppliers the chance to connect briefly and set up future meetings if necessary. Speed Networking is a time saver and a great communication tool for our members.

We plan to host the event again in 2017 at our Orlando, Florida convention.”


— Pam O'Toole Trusdale / Executive Director / NATM

We’re disrupting how people meet and network. Contact us today to see how we can help your members and employees make smart connections.

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