It's All About Your Community

Your community is what makes your organization successful.   Like anything else, if you want it to flourish you need to invest in your community and provide the resources and tools to help them thrive.  Below, are just some benefits you can expect: 

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  • Guaranteed Engagement

  • Organizational Morale Boost

  • Brand Awareness

  • Professional Development Enhancer

  • Increased Productivity and Satisfaction

Wake Up and Energize Your People 

Existing engagement solutions rely on endless filtering efforts trying to identify people that the user wants to connect with.  The results most often result in little response, dormant users, and users who are not mutually interested in connecting.  With your users can expect the following:

  • Engage with ready, willing and determined people

  • Matching based on mutual interest

  • No one is left behind that wants to meet people within the community

  • Spend time meeting the right people

Diversity's Greatest Solution

Traditional networking platforms post profile pictures and company names which can possibly lead to a biased approach to determining who people connect with.  This leads to many individuals being  excluded to connect and then isolated from the community engagement. gives control to organizers to enhance inclusion for all.

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  • Customizable survey based on customizable category matching.

  • Opportunity to hand match for quality control.

  • Everyone receives equal matches and participation opportunity.

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Unlimited Intentions

With 3rd party platforms organizations organizations have limited ability to customize how people engage.   Trying to identify solutions that can help engage for specific uses becomes extremely difficult and time consuming.  Below are just a sample of events of how we assisted our clients:

  • Peer to Peer

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Team Building

  • Cross Department Collaboration

  • Mentoring

  • Buyer / Seller

  • Niche Networking

  • Member Engagement

Distance Is No Longer An Issue

Whether your community is local, regional or international your users can expand their network from the comforts of their home or office.  Below is just a sample of available communication tools.   BTW - We can assist with face to face meetings (but we will be patient a while longer)!  

  • Embedded 1:1 Private Video 

  • Computer Audio / Phone 

  • In App Private Chat

  • Email

  • Calendar Meeting Invite


Keep the Community Thriving!

Communities don't grow on one event, they need constant engagement.  Our solutions are based on creating thriving communities by hosting events constantly for your community.  Our team of experts will help you determine a program for engaging your community.

  • Local, Regional, National, International

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly 

  • We can customize design a schedule of engagement programs for your community.

Inspiring Technology

Our engineers and developers understand the complicated dynamics of engagement.  It's a daunting task, but the combination of experienced engagement organizers and sophisticated engineers collectively created a seamless and effective platform to engage your community .  Here's a few tidbits that set us apart from competition:

  • Progressive Web Application - No app to download

  • Algorithm - Engineered for the highest quality of matches

  • User Interface - Intuitive, efficient and simple

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Real Support

You can't build a community with out the support of those that help provide the platform to build your community.  Our team  of experienced community engagement professionals have served many of the most prudent community organizers from Fortune 500, prominent trade associations, prestigious colleges/universities and more.   We only succeed if your community thrives.  We're very motivated to help you reach your community goals.

  • Available via Chat, Email Phone

  • Technical Support

  • Experienced community engagement consultants

  • Guidance with Registration, Event Set Up, Marketing, Logistics, etc.. 

Client Testimonials

“The NATM Convention is in its’ 29th year. To keep up with the needs of our members, which are trailer manufacturers and suppliers, we offer opportunities for networking and business improvement. This year, we offered “Speed Networking” at our annual Convention in Las Vegas, and the response was outstanding. Trailer Manufacturers were able to meet briefly with up to eight suppliers (of their choosing) within an hour, in one location. The event allowed both manufacturers and suppliers the chance to connect briefly and set up future meetings if necessary. Speed Networking is a time saver and a great communication tool for our members.

We plan to host the event again in 2017 at our Orlando, Florida convention.”


— Pam O'Toole Trusdale / Executive Director / NATM